Make A Local Foster Child’s Wish Come True!

Last year LinkNow Media friends and employees donated $10,000 and 250 gifts but it wasn’t enough…

Sadly, thousands of kids each year go without anything at all during the holidays. . .

Help us, show these kids that they do matter and that someone out there does care.

They are not invisible, we see them

The idea

A few years ago, our company LinkNow Media, decided that instead of participating in a traditional gift exchange during the holiday season, each employee would donate a gift to a local orphan. We quickly learned that there are currently no orphanages in Quebec. Parentless and deserted children are sent right into Foster Care programs.

The Kids

When we first approached Batshaw Youth and Family Centres, we weren’t at all prepared for the stories we heard. Our hearts ached and stomachs dropped, after hearing the devastating true accounts of how thousands of children end up under the care of the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres. These kids experienced a lifetime of hardships:  Abuse, neglect, sexual assault, violence, death… things too awful and gut wrenching to repeat.

How you can help

Around Christmas time, the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres asks their kids to write letters to Santa with what they would want for Christmas. Through the support of local businesses, hundreds of kids get what they ask for. Sadly hundreds don’t get anything. You can help by donating to our GoFundMe Page and we will go out and buy $35-$50 gifts for these children. Lets help the kids of Montreal have a happy holiday season.

Last Year We Donated $10,000 & 250 Gifts!

Help Us Reach Our Goal Of $25,000 For 2016

Donate to our GoFundme page.

Be A Child's Secret Santa


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