What Are Batshaw Youth and Family Centres?

A few years ago, our company LinkNow Media, decided that instead of participating in a traditional gift exchange during the holiday season, we would donate to a local orphanage. We quickly learned that there are currently no orphanages in Quebec. Parentless and deserted children are sent right into Foster Care programs. This got us thinking, maybe there was more we could do, maybe there was some other way we could give back to our community.
After some research, we discovered the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres and knew right away that this was something we wanted to be a part of.
This non-profit organization has been serving the Montreal community with the main goal of providing underprivileged children with the support system they need and crave, but lack. The organization delivers professional psychosocial, rehabilitation and social integration services and a number of other free amenities such as:
• Services related to child placement for children who suffer from neglect
• Psychological, physical or sexual abuse
• Abandoned Children
• Kids with behavioral problems
• Family mediation
• Adoption disclosure
• Expertise to the Superior Court on child custody
• And more

Why We Got Involved

T he work Batshaw Youth and Family Centres does is amazing, the amount of care that goes into serving these kids is inspirational. The workers and volunteers are devoted and wear their heart on their sleeves; dedicating their lives to helping others. Although we are a small family run company, we couldn’t help but feel touched by such kindness and generosity. We had to get involved, somehow!

The Story

W hen we first approached the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres, we weren’t at all prepared for the stories we heard. Our hearts ached and stomachs dropped, after hearing the devastating true recounts of how children end up under the care of the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres. These kids experienced a lifetime of hardships: Abuse, neglect, sexual assault, violence, death… things too awful and gut wrenching to repeat.
We suffered yet another blow when we found out that Thousands of children end up under their care. Thousands
Prior to meeting, we had absolutely no idea that there were so many neglected kids in our province. These are our youth, they are the future and yet they feel as if they have no future to look forward to. Can you blame them? They are alone and abandoned and need us as a community to see them for who they are; kids. Kids who need love, attention and care.


How You Can Help a Child in Need This Holiday Season.

T here are a lot of kids in the system with great foster parents who have the means to provide for their foster kids. Then there are kids who don’t get anything at all. Nothing for their birthdays, nothing for Christmas… This is where you come in!
Around Christmas time, The Batshaw Youth and Family Centres asks their kids to write letters to Santa, with what they would love for Christmas. Kids will be kids and some ask for Xboxes and cameras and thanks to some amazing donors, they sometimes even get those things! But most ask for small items that cost very little.
However, then there are the sad letters; letters from teenage girls asking for diapers because they don’t have the money to pay for food, clothes or a crib for their soon to be born child.

Click here to see some of last year’s letters ****
These gifts might be the only fun thing these children get all year, a spark of light and kindness in a world that has been so dim.

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The Sad Reality

B ack in 2012, our then staff of 50 employees donated what we thought was an amazing 120 gifts to the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres kids. Not to take away from how amazing that was, but let’s just say that we were very saddened when we found out that so many kids still went without gifts.

We Donated $10,000 and 250 Gifts!

S o we did what any other company would do; in 2015 we raised that number (with the generous help of sponsors, friends and family) to 250 gifts. We also donated various bags of clothes and furniture and produced a check for $10,000. But most of this came directly from the LinkNow Media family both the owners and employees, this year we want to expand beyond that, we want to include you!

Get Involved

L inkNow has formed a fundraising committee and a number of our staff have volunteered their time to help us build websites, run fundraisers, create events and make phone calls; all as a way to help raise money and awareness. Join the effort and help our team accomplish something amazing this year. Make a child’s wish come true!
When we donate to this awesome foundations gift drive, all the proceeds, the money and the gifts that are donated –go directly to the kids – there is no cut to pay salaries. The work LinkNow is doing is all volunteer based. We believe that it is our duty to give back to the community.

Our Goal

E very year, we do our best to exceed our previous quota! Our main goal is to do more, raise more, give more. This year we really want to go all out, but to do that we need your support. Please help us spread the word, share this website and tell your friends, family, co-workers and staff.
We are looking to raise $25,000 and 2500 gifts – enough for a birthday present and a Xmas gift for every single one of these children. We know we can accomplish this goal but we need your help! We know how busy life gets and how impossible it can be to find the time to volunteer. All this takes is a couple minutes of your time and the click of a button. Help us change a kid’s life for the better, spread awareness and donate to an amazing cause. Every dollar counts!

Contact Information

You can donate money to the Holiday Gift drive by going to the New Secret Santa GoFundMe Page:


Be A Child's Secret Santa


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